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"Five years ago, a piece of legislation was passed in this city banning music. Composing music, playing music, recording music and even listening to music was prohibited. Radio stations and music and instrumental stores were shut down; records, cds, music dvds and books were removed from shelves." --Plot Summary

[Around the entire city it is pretty easy to notice that there are fliers bearing very blasphemous anti-government, anti-ban slogans. The fliers have popped up everywhere, gaining the widespread attention of not only those rebellious few who feel like something should be done about this ridiculous law, but the attention of several government officials and the media worldwide have latched on to the story of the war between the government and those who fight for their right to sing when and where they please.]

At this point in time, several protests, several marches, and a masquerade have already taken place. You may still find those logs in rizumikaru_logs.

There are, of course, many things that will be happening that anybody can participate in without having to be a part of the rebellion. Those simply looking to break the law can get in on it... assuming they abide by the group's rules.

Updated 01/19/09!RY: The Musical!Collapse )

So you've seen all the information and some of the ideas we've pulled together so far. Surely you're either interested in joining or you have a ton of questions.

To join, all you need to do is comment to this post with the information that it asks for.

If you have questions about any of this, or just a great idea you'd like to see, please email us at ryrebellion@gmail.com or leave a comment here!

Government and Police Force Listing

If your character is affiliated with the government or the police through employment, we ask that you fill out this form with the character's information and comment with it below.

*IMPORTANT EDIT* You guys, please don't write me novels about your character(s)' information. Just list it all. Having to shorten it down is wasted time on my part.

Government Officials and EmployeesCollapse )

Police Officers and EmployeesCollapse )

Please comment to all appropriate posts.
If your character is affiliated with any mafia family through employment, birth, or willing association, or is associated with a mercenary group such as Bregan D'aerthe, we ask that you fill out this form with the character's information and comment with it below.

Please make sure you have spoken to the head of the mafia families before simply joining into their groups. Doing otherwise would be sort of like god-modding and saying that you were accepted by the character in charge even though you weren't.

*IMPORTANT EDIT* You guys, please don't write me novels about your character(s)' information. Just list it all. Having to shorten it down is wasted time on my part.

MafiaCollapse )

Other OrganizationsCollapse )

Please comment to all appropriate posts.

Rebellion Members

If your character is an active member of the rebellion, we ask that you fill out this form with the character's information and comment with it below.

*IMPORTANT EDIT* You guys, please don't write me novels about your character(s)' skills. Just list them. Having to shorten it down is wasted time on my part.

Members of the RebellionCollapse )

Please comment to all appropriate posts.

Bands and Musicians lists

If your character is in a band or plays an instrument and is willing to be in a band, but is not on the list, please fill out the correct form and comment with it below.

For bands, please fill out this form:

For musicians, please fill out this form:

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Please comment to all appropriate posts.

Volunteers for venues

The rebellion needs secretive places (preferably with a large back room for rent) to hold rallies and other events. We'd like to obtain a list of places willing to act as venues for the rebellion. If you are interested, please copy the text in the box below into your comment.

If you have any questions you may comment here, email us at ryrebellion@gmail.com.

All new posts are under this one.



[This is a post on one of many forums run by the rebellion. Users of the forum may remain anonymous and it is guaranteed that your IP address will not be tracable. This post is viewable to all and anyone may reply to it.]

Time-11.52 am

The way citizens of this city are being treated is disgusting! Whether they knew of the music below them or not, why should it matter? Music is not a sin, nor a crime which we should be punished for!

For too long have we remained silent! The rebellion must act once more! We must stand up and fight for our rights!

On March 14th, gather at Central Park. Bring music, speakers, food and drink for a sit-down peaceful protest! We shall not be moved by the law!


If you have not yet commented for your characters to the appropriate list, we encourage you to do so. This will, according to the hypothesis we have developed, make it easier to find and plot with characters/muns of the appropriate side of the conflict.

All you have to do is fill out a very short form and comment with it to the right post. Please comment to all of the posts appropriate for your character.

*IMPORTANT EDIT* I do not need short-story length responses to the forms. Please list your responses as BRIEFLY as you can. It is a pain to me when I have to go through and shorten your responses.

+Government or police, CLICK HERE.

+Mafia, freelance assassins/mercenaries, and mercenary groups, CLICK HERE.

+Rebellion members, CLICK HERE.

+Bands and Musicians, CLICK HERE.




In the rebellion journal, we'll now be keeping lists of who is on which side of the rebellion. It's pretty important that you reply to all of the appropriate posts I'm about to link to with your character(s)' information!

If your character(s) is a police or government official, go here.

Edit: If your character is in or works for a mafia family OR another organization such as a mercenary group (like Bregan D'aerthe), or an intelligence-gathering group (non-gov't or rebellion), go here.

If your character is a member of the rebellion, go here.

In doing this, it should be easier for players to find other characters in the same organizations and to plot to your hearts' content. Feel free to use the comment threads in any of those entries to plot

Also, please READ THE MODS LATEST ENTRY. It's vital that you let us know if you're staying or not, or you'll get the boot.

Hey guys.

I'm going to be going and deleting and rearranging and changing a LOT of the content in this journal over the weekend, so if anybody wanted to save the links to their masks for some reason, or their codename for whatever reason, you might want to do it before tomorrow when I sit down and start working on the content portion of this journal.

Also. If you are in a mafia family, or the head of a mafia family, I need the family/group name, the members, and their ranks as best you have them figured out.

If you are in the gov't, I need to know the rank and ban stance.

I need journal names as well for all characters. Mun journals are not necessary. Thank you.

Edit: Okay. I've got a good starting count of what I need to work on the next section of the journal, so I'm going to freeze comments now while I work out a form and the format for the posts for the musicians, the government, the mafia, and those rebel scum. =D Be patient, and I hope to have this all up by Monday.